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Thermal Insulation

Insulation reduces the transfer of heat between objects. There are a variety of methods available for reducing heat loss and we aim to improve the energy efficiency of your home or place of work by providing the best insulation.

Thermal insulation in buildings allows occupants to be comfortable while reducing the amount of unwanted heat being lost or gained and therefore increasing energy efficiency and reducing the demand on heating and cooling systems. Haigh Energy Solutions offer the best methods to insulate your home or work space. We care about your energy solutions.

Cavity & Internal Wall Insulation

Can transform a cold and unappealing building into a comfortable and inviting workspace or home. Insulation acts as a blanket to prevent heat from escaping and once installed it will help to keep your home or office warmer in winter and cooler in summer, year after year. A one-off investment brings returns for many decades to come. Furthermore there are many government initiatives designed to help householders insulate their homes in this way at little or no cost to themselves. We are confident at providing you with the best up to date advice and assistance accessing these offers.

Loft Insulation

Has proven to be one of the most cost effective energy measures to reduce energy bills. Loft spaces are provided with layers of insulation to a depth of over 270mm (11 inches) which prevents heating from literally escaping out of your roof. Care is also taken to insulate any pipes and tanks in the roof space as the process of insulation warms the rooms below but actually creates a cooler environment in the roof space. The key is to prevent cold bridging the inside and the outside of the building. Loft insulation is quick to install, taking only a few hours and it allows real savings to be made on energy bills. Our practitioners are professional and fast and always tidy up before they go. There are government schemes to assist with loft insulation expenses we are happy to provide you with further information.

External Insulation

Solid walls can also be insulated and allow bills to be reduced. A layer of insulation material is attached to walls using mechanical fixings and adhesive, it is then covered with protective layers of cladding or rendering. There is a selection of available finishes, smooth, textured or painted. Tiling, pebbledash or brick slips can also be effective and appropriate. We are happy to look at each individual property and use our experience to advise you on the most appropriate solution.

If you are thinking of improving your insulation please contact usfor a no obligation estimate.

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